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What is NINJAL-LWP for TWC?

NINJAL-LWP for TWC (NLT) is a tool for searching the Tsukuba Web Corpus (TWC), a corpus of approximately 1.1 billion words collected from Japanese-language websites. The search function is based on the use of NINJAL-LWP (NINJAL-LagoWordProfiler), a corpus search system developed jointly by the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL) and Lago Institute of Language. Among tools that utilize the same system is NINJAL-LWP for the BCCWJ (NLB), a tool for searching the 100-million-word Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese (BCCWJ), which was developed by NINJAL.

This tool uses a method known as lexical profiling to comprehensively indicate the co-occurrence relations and grammatical behavior of nouns, verbs, and other content words.